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Capital and largest city of Paraguay
Southern African country that gained its independence for Portugal in 1975
Highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world, located in Venezuela
Overseas territory of the UK located in the West Indies. Northernmost of the Leeward Islands.
Capital of Maryland, USA
Admitted as the 25th state of the USA in 1836
Largest city of New Zealand
Body of water located between Greece and Turkey
Capital city of the United Arab Emirates
Landlocked country of southwestern Asia
Self-governing island of the Netherlands located off of the Venezuelan coast
Second longest river in the world
Historical region in the lower Loire valley of northwestern France. Some might know the term as it applies to a variety of pear.
Largest city of New Mexico, USA
Site of the famed Taj Mahal
Westernmost of the three 'Prairie Provinces' of Canada
Second largest continent on Earth
World's smallest continent
Gulf located between Yemen and Somalia. Also the name of a seaport city in southern Yemen.
World's second largest ocean
Mountain system of western South America
Mountain range extending from southwestern Morocco to northern Tunisia
Inland sea located between southern Kazakstan and northwest Uzbekistan
Popular tourist city in southwestern Mexico
Largest city and former official capital of Cote d'Ivoire
Ancient empire and civilization of southwestern Asia
Arm of the southern Pacific Ocean off the western coast of Antarctica. Named for a Norwegian polar explorer.
Mountain system of eastern North America extending from Alabama in the US to Newfoundland, Canada
Ancient capital of the Khmer empire
Capital city of Jordan
Capital of Turkmenistan
Capital and largest city of Ethiopia
Wooden and hilly region of northeast France
Historical site located in San Antonio, Texas, USA
Inland sea/lake in Europe between Ukraine and Russia. It is connected to the Black Sea by the Kerch Strait.
Island in San Francisco Bay that was once home to a federal prison
Waters surrounding the North Pole
Former Soviet Socialist Republic located in Asia Minor
Chain of rugged volcanic islands of southwest Alaska
Tributary of the Ohio River that flows through Pennsylvania and New York

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