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QUIZ: Can you name the Grade 9 Academic Numerical Review Questions?

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Forced Order
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(+6) + (-7)Evaluate Using BEDMAS
0 - 3 - 8Evaluate Using BEDMAS
8 – (-3) + 4 + (-2)Evaluate Using BEDMAS
(-2)(+4) Evaluate Using BEDMAS
-8(2 – 5)^2 + 9[3 – (-1)]Evaluate Using BEDMAS
4a – 7b Evaluate Using a = 3 b = -2
a^2 – 4b^3Evaluate Using a = 3 b = -2
3/7 + 2/3Evaluate this Fractional Expression
5/9 x 2/3 Evaluate this Fractional Expression
What fraction of his earnings is left for entertainment?A student earns $800 per month at his part time job. He spends 1/4 of his monthly earnings on payments for his used car and 7/16 of his monthly earnings on insurance.

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