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Are data expressed using exact quantities
A sample survey involves using a small portion or ____, from an entire population in order to get information about the entire population
survey results may be ___, or not truly representative of the entire population. a survey is _____ when there is a difference between the way the sample responds and the way the en
each member of the population has the same chance of being chosen for a sample; this is usually the most representative of the population since each member of the population has en
members of the population who are readily available are chosen for the sample
depends on voluntary members to generate a sample of population
values collected for a single variable
values collected for two different variables
a bar graph that shows data in groups or intervals. a variation of this is called a cumulative frequency table/ cumulative frequency ____
a way to organize data to construct a histogram
plot shows how the numbers in a data set are grouped together or spread apart
display of bivariate data; each data value in one set of data is paired with a data value int he other set of data. these ordered pairs are plotted on a grid
line about which the data clusters is known as a ________. this line indicates the tendency and behavior of the data (an about line)
using trend line you can make _______ about the data (interpolation and extrapolation)
a connection between 2 sets of data,but not necessarily a dependancy of one on the other. _______ are considered positive, negative or no _____. (r= _____)
a connection between 2 sets of data in which one set of data depends on the other
graph used to display data representing a change over time

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