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to record, to engrave
to skate
to enjoy
to describe
to deliver
to press, hold down, squeeze
to last
to cross
to increase
to review
to put, to place
to shut off
to accompany
to yell, shout, cry
to advise
to be late, delay, postpone, to take time
to take, to throw, to toss, to shoot
to turn on
to congratulate
to park
to clean
to stop
to unite, join (together)
to pull, throw (out), to shoot
to explain
to wash
to sing
to rent
to surprise
to sign
to add
to smoke
to use
to mark, score, dial
to push
to turn, fold, double
to arrive
to cough
to suspend
to draw
to save ($)
to fear, be afraid
to suffer
to separate
to climb, go up, get on

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