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to bring, carry, wear
to erase
to forget
to promise
to accept
to let, to allow, to leave
to cook
to learn
to eat dinner (supper), to dine
to present
to divide
to put in, to insert
to shake
to exhibit, to display
to bore
to depend
to appreciate
to sweep
to wait (for), to hope
to resist
to offend
to exist
to permit
to hide
to interrupt
to respond
to announce
to discuss
to attend
to send, to demand
to print, publish
to give (as a gift)
to fill, to fill up
to dictate, direct
to applaud
to answer
to insist
to copy
to walk, to go for a walk, to ride
to divide, to split, to share
to adore
to have just, to finish, to complete
to change, to exchange
to sew, to stitch
to decide
to share
to inform
to share, to divide, give out
to greet
to prohibit, to ban
to express
to reside, to dwell, live
to fix, arrange, clean, put in order
to ought to, should, to owe
to show, to teach
to admit
to create
to drive, to manage
to desire, wish, want
to cry

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