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Can you name the Las Cosas de la Clase?

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the scissors
the pen
the present
the pictures
the eraser (chalkboard)
the tests
the door
the word
the wastebasket
the book
the papers
the student ID
the pencil
the newspaper
the windows
the eraser (pencil)
the chalkboard
the chalk
the wastebasket
the chair
the table
the flag
the desk (teacher)
the backpack
the pen
the dicionary
the toys
the library
the wastebasket
the things
the page
the map
the desk (student)
the notebooks
the student (m)
the teachers
the clock
the student (m)
the gossip
the teacher (m)
the jokes
the chalk
the pictures
the schedule
the newspaper
the pencils
the tape recorder

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