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Can you name the Irregular Verbs and Irregular Yo Verbs?

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she hears
I play soccer
they destroy
you sleep
to hear
I go
to be able to, can
I do
he tells
we are smart
you return home
to know (people, places, things)
I see
I give
I close
to leave, go out (date)
she closes
you continue (follow)
I return
to go
we come
we continue
to establish
they are able
we have
I hear
I repeat
they repeat
I come
to continue, to follow
they see
to close
I leave
to have
to wish, want, love
we leave at 1:00
to repeat
they know the teacher (m.)
you make the meal
they are tall
to return (things)
we know the truth
they do the homework
to be (ID, characteristics, origin...)
we hear
we return soon
she can (is able to) go
we see
they come
she plays golf
I sleep
I want (wish, love)
we repeat
I know the answer
to say, to tell
she sees
to be (health, location, moods and feelings)
I destroy
to destroy
I put
you tell
I know the girl
to give
to put, to place
to sleep
I follow (continue)
we play the game
we put the paper here
to offer
to do, make
we offer the money
I offer
to return (people)
to know (facts, information)
she offers
I establish
to come
I am able
I am fine.
he wants (wishes)
I am from
to see
you give
they give
to play (games, sports)
she continues (follows)
I tell
we destroy
I repeat
we close

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