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Can you name the Important people from U.S. History ?

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Commander of the Continental Army
Author of the Declaration of Independence
Author of Common Sense
Founder of the Sons of Libety
King of England during the American Revolution
Second President of the U.S.
He said 'Give me Liberty or give me death'
President during the War of 1812, wrote the Constitution
President whose Doctrine warned European countries to stay away from the Americas
Inventor of the cotton gin
Inventor of the steamboat
Inventor of the mechanical reaper
Developed the Factory System for making textiles
Inventor of the steel plow
First Democrat elected president
Reformer who organized the Seneca Falls Convention
Reformer who worked to help mentally ill people
Reformer who improved public education
He was the Great Compromiser
President of the Union during the Civil War
Famous abolitionist speaker who was a former slave
She was a former slave who was an abolitionist and worked for womens' rights
Abolitionist who led the raid on the arsenal at Harpers Ferry
President of the Confederacy
Head of the Union Army during the Civil War
Leader of the Confederate Army
Washington's Secretary of Treasury, he was a supporter of Banks and was the founder of the Federalist Party
Head of the Underground Railroad
Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
She worked in the Temperance Movement (ax lady)
Reformer who worked for Womens' Suffrage
She founded a medical school for women
Leader of Jamestown

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