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 Large farms that grow cash crops
 Economic system where the Mother Country controls a colony's economy
 He helped convince the French to help the U.S. fight the British
 First U.S. plan of government
 Set up an orderly system to admit new states with all the rights of the original states
 People who were against the Constitution and did not want a strong central government
 Written mainly by Hamilton and Madison to convince Americans to support the new Constitution
 Branch of government that enforces laws
 Branch of government that makes laws
 Branch of government that interprets the laws
 Man made waterway made it easier to transport goods
 Major movement of people from rural areas to cities
 This means the right to vote
 Tax on imports meant to protect U.S. industries
 The movement against the abuse of alcohol
 These people wanted to end slavery
 Law that allowed popular sovereignty to determine the legality of slavery in these territories
 Years of the Civil War
 President of the Confederate States of America
 General of the Union Army

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