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Can you name the Principles/Ideas in Early U.S. History?

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governmentDivision of government into three branches with each having its own powers
governmentRights protected in the Bill of Rights and include things like free speech
governmentThe division of power between a federal government and the states
governmentThe government gets its power from the people, who can create, alter or abolish the government
governmentPeople elect representatives who make decisions on their behalf
governmentEach branch of government can limit the powers of the other branches
government/coloniesMayflower Compact-the people agree to create a government and obey the laws it makes
governmentNo one is above the law, the government must follow the Constitution
Declaration of Independence/Lincoln'All men are created equal'
WashingtonTaking an active role in improving your community or country
Declaration of IndependenceFundamental rights that cannot be taken away by a government
ReformBreaking a law a person feels to be unjust to call attention to injustice
EconomyEconomic system dependent on supply and demand and profits to determine what to produce
LincolnAll people should be free

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