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Can you name the Facts about the English Colonies??

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AnswerColony Question
 He founded Rhode Island after he was banished from Massachustts
 Year Jamestown was founded
 Pennsylvania was founded as a refuge for members of this religion
 The largest city in colonial America; where the Declaration of Independence was written
 Members of this religion settled all of the New England colonies
 This colony had the first written constitution (The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut)
 This colony was named for its founder, the Duke of York
 The colony that was originally founded as a refuge for debtors
AnswerColony Question
 The first elected representative assembly in the colonies
 This Native American helped the Jametown settlers survive
 This principle of government was established by the Mayflower Compact
 Jamestown's cash crop
 Colonies in this region depended almost entirely on agriculture to support their economy
 Colonies in this region grew wheat and other food, and the region was the bread basked of the colonies
 Fishing, whaling, lumber, shipbuilding were important ecomonic activites in this region
 The Pilgrims signed the Mayflower Compact before they settled this colony

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