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coloniesFirst successful English colony in America
Civil WarFirst battle of the Civil War
RevolutionThe battle that was the turning point of the Revolutionary War
Causes of the RevolutionEnglish soldiers fired on a crowd of Bostonians, killing several
Civil WarSouth Carolina seceded after he was elected President in 1860
Civil WarLincoln issued this to free the slaves in all rebelling states
Causes of the RevoltionColonists refused to buy British goods to protest British laws
RevolutionFirst battles of the American Revolution
governmentAt the Constitutional Convention they agreed that Congress should consist of 2 houses, one with equal representation, one with proportional representation
RevoltionLast battle of the American Revoltuion
RevolutionWritten by Thomas Jefferson and signed by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776
Causes of the RevoltuionFamous pamphlet by Thomas Paine convinced colonists to rebel against England
Civil WarJohn Brown raided this federal arsenal hoping to start a slave revolt
ColoniesPilgrims founded this colony where they could freely practice their religion
Early nationWashington warned the country to avoid permanent alliances with foreign countries
westward expansionThe idea that the U.S. should expand from the Atlantic to the Pacific
Civil WarUnion victory in Pennsyania; bloodiest battle of the Civil War
Civil WarUnion victory that gave the North control of the Mississippi River
westward expansionJefferson's land acquisition that doubled the size of the U.S.
westward expansionForced movement of Native Americans from Georgia to Oklahoma
causes of the Civil WarNo slavery north of the 36 30' line; Maine enters Union as a free state
states' rightsIdea that a state can ignore a federal law with which it disagrees
coloniesThe Pilgrims signed this plan for self-government before they went ashore at Plymouth
coloniesFirst example of a written constitution in the colonies
coloiesFirst elected representative assembly in the colonies
Civil WarCase that ruled slaves were property and not free because they moved to a free territory
Inventionsthe change from hand made goods to machine made goods
RevolutionEnded the American Revolution, Britain was forced to recognize the U.S as a separate country
governmentSupreme Court ruling written by Chief Justice John Marshall establishing Judicial Review
Causes of the RevolutionBritish laws passed to punish Bostonians for the Tea Party
Womens' RightsFirst big meeting about Womens' Rights, they wrote the Declaration of Sentiments
westward expansionWar fought over the border of Texas; U.S. won the land of the Mexican Cession as a result
Civil Warfamous Lincoln speech made to honor those killed at Gettysburg and explaining why we should keep fighting
Civil WarMade slavery illegal in the U.S.
Civil WarGave former slaves the right to vote

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