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Forced Order
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Title credited to Paul's chauffeur (or Ringo)
About John's honeymoon with Yoko
Mccartney came up with the melody in a dream
According to George, 'It's the ego problem'
Written for John's son, Julian, after John's divorce
Written by Paul after having a dream about his mother
About the sister of Mia Farrow
Written when John found out schools were analyzing Beatles Lyrics
About a situation involving Maharishi Mahesh
Written after Paul read a review of The Who's 'I Can See for Miles'
Based on a french song heard at a party
Partially based on an affair that John had
Written after John listened to his wife 'going on and on and on'
George says he wrote it for Ray Charles
Music based on Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata'
About a traffic circle in Liverpool

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