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Can you name the Amphibians and Reptiles Scientific Names?

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common namescientific name
lesser siren
jefferson salamander
blue-spotted salamander
spotted salamander
marbled salamander
small mouthed salamander
eastern tiger salamander
three-toed amphiuma
northern dusky salamander
southern two-lined salamander
long-tailed salamander
cave salamander
four-toed salamander
eastern red-backed salamander
northern zig-zag salamander
eastern newt
african clawed frog
eastern spadefoot
american toad
fowler's toad
cane toad
northern cricket frog
Eastern gray tree frog
common namescientific name
spring peeper
western chorus frog
green frog
american bullfrog
northern leopard frog
pickerel frog
wood frog
mink frog
american crocodile
american alligator
snapping turtle
eastern mud turtle
eastern musk turtle
painted turtle
spotted turtle
blandings turtle
northern map turtle
eastern box turtle
ornate box turtle
red-eared slider
spiny softshell
green anole
eastern collared lizard
eastern fence lizard
horned lizards (in general)
common namescientific name
gila monster
six-lined racerunner
common five-lined skink
broadhead skink
little brown skink
slender glass lizard
blue racer
northern ringneck snake
gray rat snake
western fox snake
eastern hognosed snake
snooth green snake
gopher snake
queen snake
midland brown snake
northern redbelly snake
eastern garter snake
northern water snake
coral snake
northern copperhead
timber rattlesnake
eastern massasauga

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Tags:Amphibian, frog, reptile, Salamander

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