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Daniel's California love interest
Daniel's eye color according his mother
Name of the dojo Daniel's nemesis
Date of the Karate tournament
What does Daniel get hit in the face with at the costume party
Daniel's friend (who invites him to the beach party)
Daniel and Ali's first date location
'Strike first, strike ______, no mercy, sir'
This almost forces Daniel to drop out of the tournament
Daniel's girlfriend back in New Jersey
'Sand the Floor' trains Daniel to block this
Daniel's mom's name
The last name of Daniel's love interest
Daniel is from this New Jersey city
Miyagi's home
Daniel's mom was disappointed because this wasn't full when they got to their new apartment
A Cobra Kai student is dis-_________ for intentionally injuring Daniel
City in California that Daniel lives in
Daniel's costume
Daniel's girlfriend pretends to be Miyagi's ________ at the tournament
How Miyagi tells Daniel to paint the fence
The Cobra Kai sensei is a veteran of this war
Miyagi says Daniel is this when he makes him fall off of the boat into the water
Daniel needs one of these on his leg but Miyagi fixes it for him instead
Color of car Daniel chooses for his birthday gift
The actor who plays Johnny Lawrence's real last name

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