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Virtue ethics and famous greek philsopher
Justified True Belief/The forms/The Republic
'To know is to know you know nothing'/Founder of Western Philosophy
Life is about Happiness/Atoms and Void
'I think, therefore I am'
Impressions/Problem of induction/Critics if Arguments for God's existence
Ontological Argument for God/Middle Ages
City of God/Confessions
Either/Or, Fear and Trembling
God is Dead
Deontological ethics/Transcendentalism
5 proofs or ways for the existence of God
Jewish Philosopher, Miracles are impossible
Do not judge, lest you be judged
Problems of Philosophy
Subjective Idealism/God's perception keeps reality existing
The Myth of Sisyphus
Being and Nothingness/Existenialism
Veil of Ignorance
Best of all possible worlds/Monads
One founder of modern science/induction
Razor/Don't multiply entities beyond neccesity/Philosopher in middle ages
Social Contract. Inequality. Liberal Christian
Absolute idealism, Really hard to interprete his writings
World as will and representation/Buddhist
Opiate of The masses/Dialectic Materialism
Contemporary Christian Philosopher, Kalam Cosmological Argument, Philosophy of Time, Apologist
Properly basic beliefs/contemporary christian philosopher, modal ontological argument, evolutionary argument against naturalism
Analogy of Watchmaker/Design
Religion is a crutch or comfort/Psychological
Will to believe/Beliefs without evidence
Apostle of Jesus/Wrote half the new testament, said that all men know that God exists
Evidential/Inductive Problem of Evil
Sensus Divinitis/Election
Wrote the books of proverbs
8 fold path/Escape from desire
Founder of Zoroastianism

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