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Can you name the taylor swift songs using the 3-7 first words?

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Forced Order
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3-7 First WordsSong Titlealbum
Friday night beneath the starsTaylor Swift Deluxe Edition
I like the way you soundFearless Deluxe Edition
Drew looks at meTaylor Swift
Wish I had concentratedBeautiful Eyes
Strange to think the songs...Taylor Swift
I said remember this momentSpeak Now
Why would you wanna break...Taylor Swift Deluxe Edition
There I was again tonightSpeak Now
And it's a sad pictureFearless
There's something about the way...Fearless
State the obviousTaylor Swift
Tall, dark and (song title)Speak Now Deluxe Edition
Seems the only one who doesn't see...Taylor Swift
Now go stand in the cornerSpeak Now
You, with your words...Speak Now
Last night I heard my own heartSpeak Now Deluxe Edition
Say you're sorry, that face...Fearless
Long were the nightsSpeak Now
All this time I was wastingFearless
The way you move...Speak Now
Once upon a timeFearless
I'm so glad you made timeSpeak Now
I could go back to every laughFearless Deluxe Edition
I took a chanceFearless
I don't know what I wantTaylor Swift
You and I walk a fragile line Speak Now
3-7 First WordsSong Titlealbum
I don't think that passenger seat...No album
(song title) like a distant diamond skyFearless Deluxe Edition
We were both youngFearless
I see your face in my mindFearless
You have a way of coming...Taylor Swift
She said I was sevenTaylor Swift
I didn't know what I would find...Taylor Swift
(song title) I know looks can be...Fearless
I still remember the look...Speak Now
Elevator buttons and morning airSpeak Now Deluxe Edition
I'm five years oldFearless
In the heat of the fightFearless Deluxe Edition
This is wrong but I can't help but feel...Fearless Deluxe Edition
I used to think one day...Speak Now
You're on the phone with your girlfriendFearless
You were in collegeSpeak Now
Your little hand's wrapped around my fingerSpeak Now
He is sensible and so incredibleFearless
Cory's eyes are like a jungleTaylor Swift
I was riding shotgunTaylor Swift
I am not the kind of girlSpeak Now
You take a deep breathFearless
There's a light inside of youTaylor Swift Deluxe Edition
I guess you really did it...Speak Now
You said the way my blue eyes...Taylor Swift

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