Geography Test 1

Can you name the Geography Test 1

Because of its formation as the core of the ancient Gondwanaland supercontinent, what land feature dominates Africa?
What climatological phenomenon is primarily responsible for creating rain forests in Africa?
What southern Africa desert is among the driest in the world and is formed due to cold ocean currents?
What is the transition zone beneath the Sahara?
River located in africa that flows north
Primary River of W. Africa
Primary River of C. Africa, has the most water
Primary River of S. Africa
What is the only great lake that isn't a rift lake
What language is known for its clicks, and is possibly one of the first languages
What is the primary cause for the specific geographic pattern of language families in South Africa?
What religion are the Falashas?
Thanks to its location on the red sea, which ancient nation of Africa was once a vital part of the global economy?
What two factors helped kickstart the colonialism of Africa?
What does renaming in terms of post-colonial Africa symbolize?
Although there are concerns about child labor, what country is the leader in cocoa production?
Which African country is home to the largest population on the continent and, despite its oil wealth, struggles with ethnic tension
How has Ghana worked to diversify its economy?
What is the primary source of division between countries like Nigeria and Rwanda
What do Hutus do?
What do tutsis do?
Spillover from the conflict in Rwanda led to unrest in eastern Zaire, eventually leading the country's government to be overthrown and the country was renamed. What is Zaire known
Which mainland African country is the region's leader in per capita income with $14,500
What was the primary cause for the end of Portugal's colonial empire?
Other than the Soviet Union, which other outside country supported the MPLA during the Angolan Civil War?
Despite immense diamond wealth and 'upper middle class' status, which country is heavily impacted by the spread of HIV?
What are independent areas set up for blacks by the white South African government?
Which ethnic group in South Africa proposed creating an independent homeland known as 'Volkstaat'?
The persian irrigation method that involves drilling holes into the ground is known as...
Thanks to government change, Libya is finally able to realize its economic potential by exploiting which major oil basin, one that is the largest in North Africa

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