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Can you name the Casters of Accio?

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Cast Accio to summon a Golden Snidget
Cast Accio 4 times in 1926-1927
Summoned 'Percival Grave's' wand
Summoned the Lestrange family tree in the Lestrange Mausoleum.
Used Accio nonverbally and wandlessly to summon the Newt Scamander's suitcase in the MACUSA Headquarters.
Summoned rolls of parchment during an OWLS exam
Used Accio on a number of magical sweets which the Weasley Twins attempted to take to the Quidditch World Cup
Taught the charm to Harry Potter. Acciod books on Horcruxes
Summoned the Marauder's Map from Snape (before he could read it)
Summoned his Firebolt during the Triwizard Tournament
Summoned a brain
Accio'd bottles of Butterbeer
Used it nonverbally to summon the 25 essays on countering Dementors from his students in Defence Against the Dark Arts class.
Used it to summon hairs from a Muggle boy in Ottery St Catchpole in order to help Harry disguise himself during the wedding using Polyjuice Potion
Used it to summon his broom from Umbridge's office when escaping from Hogwarts in his seventh year
Accio'd salmon to eat
Used it nonverbally to summon the Sorting Hat from the Headmaster's office

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