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Former Czech President and Prime Minister. Euroskeptic, refused to sign Lisbon Treaty, wants EU to be replaced with a free trade area.
Former PM of Slovakia, led Slovakia to break from Czechosslovakia, formerly a reform communist, criticized for corruption and autocratic style of rule.
Second President of Ukraine, came under scrutiny for his tightening of media censorship
Former Romanian communist who came to reject the system under Ceausescu. Was elected the first President of Romania after the Romanian Communist Party fell, elected twice, stabiliz
Founder of Russian Liberal Democratic Party, extreme nationalist, had supported the failed military coup in 1991 which limited the party's credibility, anti-semitic, vehement racis
Policy across former communist states which disqualified people that had abused power and violated human rights during the communist period. It avoided expensive court costs and pr
Conservative French politician who advocates strict immigration laws, has run for President of France multiple times.
Established by the Treaty of Amsterdam to regulate monetary policy in the Eurozone, one of the most important central banks in the world.
Area where the Euro is accepted
NATO program to foster relations between NATO and the former Soviet nations, part of a promise to the Russians that NATO was not planning on extending fully into Eastern Europe.
bureaucratic officials based at the EU headquarters in Brussels. Concerns exist that these Eurocrats are too far removed from the regular people of Europe, especially those in East
treaty focused on eastward expansion which had been unsuccessfully attempted in the Treaty of Amsterdam, rejected by Irish referendum
Large minority from Persia, prevalent as European immigrants
Deceased Austrian politician who was pro-Nazi and widely criticized. Died in a drunk driving accident
conservative leader from Denmark, criticized as Racist, wants immigrants out of Denmark
Leader and founder of Social Action (Conservative political party), granddaughter of Benito Mussolini, former member of European Parliament
Italian Party seeking greater autonomy in Italy, want Italy to be a federal state, popular in the north and central italy and has a large number of members
Nationalist Party of Hungary, border line fascist, anti-semitic, won seats in European Parliament recently, almost beat the ruling Hungarian socialist party, 3rd largest party in H
Former palace converted into a museum, newer segment is modern and disliked by the French people
Extremely modern opera house located in France, built starting in the 80s, idea began by Mitterand
One of the longest running TV programs in the world, song contest amongst European nations. Songs are submitted (1 per country) and played in the other nations. Votes are then tall
Created by the Treaty of Amsterdam. Collective Representative of Europe's collective foreign policy. 'Person to call when you want to call Europe'

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