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Playwright, last President of Czechoslovakia and first president of Czech republic, opposed the split with Slovakia, started his dissident career after the Prague Spring, worked to
irst major anti-communist group in Poland, assessed the condition of workers in Poland with aid from Western journalists, originally created to give money to families of detained w
Polish born Pope following the brief term Of Pope John Paul I, survived two assassination attempts, strongly opposed communism especially while a priest in Communist controlled Po
Last Secretary General of the USSR, in power until SU collapse in 1991, Pushed reform programs such as Glasnost and Perestroika, sought to improve east-west relations by meeting wi
Glasnost: Openness, lessened censorship on media and individuals
former Polish President and cofounder of Solidarity
First non-communist labour union, extremely successful; led to roundtable talks to change the Polish Government, formed a coalition gov't and elected Walsea President
Last Communist dictator of Poland, had led an invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 following soviet orders, then became President. He issued martial law in 1981 - purged media and pr
Held in Poland; a conference of Solidarity activists, church leaders, intellectuals, political figures that met to discuss future of economic and political policies. Solidarity wa
Czech opposition group formed by Vaclav Havel; organized general strike on Nov 27, 1989 and shut country down --> Husak and Communist party left gov. Won more more than 80% of vote
Former secret service of Romania, disbanded in 1989, eavesdropping and rumour creation was used to manipulate the people along with intimidation, framing, etc; even gave people can
Chancellor of West and United Germany in late 80s to 1998, considered an architect of unification, longest serving Chancellor since Bismark, supported european unity, aided in con
First Russian President, endorsed liberalization and free market economics, fought against military coup of 1991 allowed a small group of individuals to control most of the wealth
Bosnian Muslims, mainly centered in urban areas surrounded by Serbs or Croats. Felt more of a connection to their faith/ethnicity than an independent Bosniak atate
Former Yugoslavian leader, war criminal who died in custody, fomented racial tensions and took the side of the Serbs in the conflict, kept strong control over the media, political
strong contributer to the formation of Croatia, became its president and then declared independence a year later, reelected twice, feared Serbian control of army despite their bein
Established under communist regime, restructured after the fall of communism, mainly serb in constituency, aided Serbs in Bosnian war
Place where 264 Croats were massacred by serb militias and the Yugoslavian Army, the Croatian army was still being fromed so the city was defended by volunteers, a concentration ca
Location of a UN safe zone for Bosniaks surrounded by Serbs. Serbian Army broke through and massacred the men in the camp, deporting women and children to another town. Mladic, the
Peace accord to end Bosnian War, signed in Dayton attended by Milosevic, redistributed territory.
Established during Bosnian war after US agreed to arm Bosniak and Croat forces in return for the two allying.
One of two entities forming the Republic of Bosnia Herzegovina, majority Serbian but Croats and Bosniaks are still present. Established after peace accords in Dayton, reports of di
90% Albanian, 10% Serbian but culturally important to Serbs. Albanians wanted greater; conflict begins in 1998 with Serbs responding overly Harshly to Albanian guerrilla attacks. U
International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia, set up to try war criminals, critics claim it increases tensions rather than mitigate them, two of the main inticted have not
Perestroika: 'restructuring', reformed government by dissolving the old Supreme Soviet and establishing a Congress of People's Deputies from which the new Supreme Soviet would be e
US, F, B, SU and the 2 Germany's; ended 4-power status in Germany, united Germany allowed to stay in NATO, SU troops pull out, G gave SU $20 billion in interest free loans (almost

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