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A force that resists motion
Students will design and build their own CO2 dragsters with a group. They will then race their design. This is the...
If your car has less of this it will most likely go faster
The capacity of a physical system to perform work
This can occur between the wheel and axle or the axle and the body material
CO2 cars can go this fast
The idea that an object will stay at rest of keep moving unless acted upon by an external force
Aerodynamic force that resists the motion of an object through a fluid
This is a type of friction involving objects moving through air
Making sure the axle and tires are free rotate is an example of...
If temperature of a gas is constant, decreasing the volume of the gas increases the pressure
Poorly aligned _______ are often the cause of a slow car
This is what propels the car
The energy of motion
The force that propels the object and sets it into motion
The increase in speed or velocity of an object
The speed of something in a given direction
Stored energy
The transfer of energy from one system to another
Formula for calculating speed

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