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HintMusical term answer
The certain pronunciation of someones voice
A traditional gun salute includes firing this
To Lower the value of something is to _______ it
_____&Gabbana, the Italian Luxury fashion company
A pilot-less plane
Being able to move fast and freely
Definition: having a level surface; without raised areas or indentations.
An area of strength is known as your _____
Short hand way of saying your local doctor
Used to type things with
HintMusical term answer
Religious Holiday that last 40 days
Someone who cannot speak
Being ones self is being _____
Body Part
To suggest an idea to a company is known as a?
Old clothes
Object of a fine point or edge
Complete the phrase: 'Oh give it a _____'
3 kids all of the same birth
Definition: move or cause to move in a circular direction wholly or partly around an axis or point.

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