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Upon moving into a new house, Vyvyan finds something in the cellar. Mike forces Rick and Neil to do the mining, but Rick retaliates by holding a benefit concert for himself and NeiOil
The boys go to the launderette and compete against Footlights College, Oxbridge in University Challenge. Bambi
While ill, the boys must deal with an escaped criminal and worse, Neil's parents. Sick
The boys attempt to fight off boredom whilst several very exciting things go unnoticed around them.Boring
Summer is here and the lads finally get their results. Summer holiday
Rick tries to hold the country to ransom, Mike attempts to sell a precious item to the highest bidder while Neil builds a shelter. But worse, a television licence inspector calls, Bomb
A strange package from South Africa interferes with plans to watch a video nasty on a rented VCR. Nasty
During heavy rains, Vyvyan briefly visits Narnia during a game of hide-and-seek, and the boys attempt to cook Neil as a solution to their food problems — but are distracted when Flood
The boys get a letter from the council telling them their squalid house will be knocked down. Vyvyan attempts to stop this by beating the construction crew to it, while Mike tries Demolition
Rick wakes up in bed next to a beautiful girl, and the house passes through a time warp. Time
Skint, and burning all of their possessions for heat, Neil is forced (by his flatmates) to join the police force. Meanwhile, Vyvyan is pregnant. Cash
The boys host a party that gets out of hand. Interesting

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