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Can you name the hardest spongebob trivia 2?

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Who are Spongebob's heroes?
How many bad words are there according to Mr. Krabs?
What is the Krusty Krab renamed in the episode 'Squirrell Jokes'?
What road does Spongebob live on?
What makes Squidward giant?
What time does the Krusty Krab open?
How much does a Krabby Patty usually cost?
How much does a Krabby Patty cost on Wednesday?
What are Spongebob and Patrick afraid of in the Toy Barrel?
Who is Bikini Bottom's head news reporter?
When Spongebob sells his 'volley ball,' what does the money get delivered in?
What does Stanley S. Squarepants arrive in Spongebob's house in?
Whats the first thing Patrick says when the Flying Dutchman turns him and Spongebob into ghosts?
What does Spongebob name the sea horse he finds?
What is Mr. Krabs full name?
What is Squilliam's last name?
'Squidward sucks ____.'
Why did Spongebob and Patrick buy a giant T.V.?
What was Mr. Krabs cash register when he got it?
Why is a perfect wave formed?
What is Mr. Krabs address?
What color are Squidwards pupils?

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