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Can you name the worlds hardest spongebob quiz?

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In the episode 20,000 patties under the sea, what is the pet of planktons first customer
In the first episode, help wanted, what does spongebob make krabby patties for?
In the episode Sing a song of patrick, what color gum ball does patrick chew?
what are sandy's bosses?
where did plankton take king neptune's crown?
what ice-cream did spongebob and patrick get at goofy goobers party boat?
'I cant see a docter. 'why is that?' 'my job _______ _______ __ ____ ______ _________
what is jkl's catch-phrase?
according to jkl, how often is the perfect wave formed?
what does the license plate on the car in the spongebob movie say?
true or false-squilliams robe is red.
where does gary's dream take place?
what eats squidward in the episode 'squidward in clarinet land'?
If it gets any hotter, we'll have to put _____ ________ on the menu.
what attack does the atomic flounder have?
why did spongebob become a model?
in the future, how many letters are in the alphabet?
who invented jelly fishing
in tentical acres, what does squidward play with?
spongebob makes a _________clarinet for squidward.
what color was spongebobs uniform in the battle of bikini bottom?
what boat mobile did patrick win?
why does patrick leave his T.V. on?
true or false-king neptune wore a paper bag instead of a crown
when does spongebob first encounter sandy?

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