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Who is Spongebob's Best friend?
He's pink 
What does Patrick think the luckiest number is?
'Driven to Tears' 
What boat-mobile does Patrick win?
'The horn still works!' 
'My job doesn't provide me with ______ _________.'
Who is Squidwards enemy?
He's yellow 
What is Spongebob's favorite ice cream?
Goofy Goobers 
What year does Spongebob get a job?
First episode 
In the first episode, what comes to the Krusty Krab?
'Meep, meep!' 
In 'Band Geeks,' during practice, what instrument does Spongebob play?
Bang Bang! 
What are Spongebob's 2 favorite past times?
Who's burger is better? Neptune's or Spongebob's?
'once upon a time...' 
In Squidward's future, how many letters are there in the alphabet?
What are the sounds? Snails ____, Worms ____.
cat and dog 
What animal are Sandy's bosses?
What is Sandy doing when Spongebob meets her?
shell fish 
Where does Plankton take Neptune's crown?
Gift Shop 
'Perfect patties are made with ____, not _____.'
How many items can Spongebob juggle?
What is Spongebob's secret to Skill Crane?
What type of sponge is Spongebob?

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