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Known for The Today Show, 60 Minutes, CBS Evening News
Used literary techniques that were unconventional at the time, 1960's and -70's
Publisher of NY World, yellow journalism, established prizes
Anchorman for CBS Evening News
Political satirist, new journalism
Founder, editor, and publisher of New York Herald, covered Helena Jewett murder
Journalist with folksy style, died in combat during World War II
Transformed newspapers with sensational and scandalous coverage
Reported from London during WWII
Founder of CNN
Investigated Watergate Scandal for Washington Post (2)
Journalist murdered by Illinois mob for abolitionist views
Literary critic, satirist, 'Sage of baltimore'
Owner of NY Times and Chattanooga Times
Host of O'Reilly Factor, idiot
Publisher of NY Journal, introduced large headlines, yellow journalism
Gossip columnist
First major news blogger, Drudge Report
Established NY Times, founded Liberal Republican Party, ran for president in 1872
Creator of Fox Broadcasting Company
Exposed Standard Oil, leading muckraker
Former news anchor on ABC, CBS, Fox, and CNN News
Mustache, Geraldo at Large
Started by Benjamin Day, created paper competition
Newspaper columnist in Chicago
Emphasized human interest stories, pictures, and comic strips
Conservative commentator, idiot, 'this is worse than...'
U.S illustrator and printer, published the New York Sun, first penny press newspaper, credited with sensationalism
Founder of new journalism, wore white suit
Brought new technolgoy to the publishing industry
First American newspaper
Photographer in who rearranged Civil War victims
Father of Radio
Muckraker, faked insanity, trip around the world in 70 days
Helped speed war news
Creator of gonzo journalism, committed suicide in 2005

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