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Can you rename the band by changing just one letter?

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The Original Band NameThe Renamed BandThe Band's New Influence
The Rolling StonesIf Mick and the boys were interested in geology and politics instead of rock & roll
The BeatlesIf the Fab Four were interested in entomology instead of walruses and octopuses
The CranberriesIf instead of letting it linger, the band spend their time developing a fruity, fiber-filled, breakfast cereal
Pearl JamIf Eddie spent his time collecting small jewels and placing them in containers instead of the grunge movement
The DoorsIf Jim and company were more interested in getting things done than breaking on through
OasisIf the Gallagher boys were accountants instead of bickering musicians
Men at WorkIf on that hippie trail (perhaps with a head full of zombie), the band was forced to make a directional choice
U2If instead of choosing a name that is the same as a spy plane (that isn't the origin of the band name), they instead went ahead and named themselves after a bomber and saved us all the guesswork
Three Dog NightIf each band member brought their pooch to the recording studio but only had one bowl for food
AerosmithIf Stephen was interested in crazy Roman emperors instead of scarves and leather
The WhoIf Roger, Pete, John, and Keith were more interested in college fraternity names than destruction of their instruments
Blue Oyster CultIf instead of more cowbell, the guys were more interested in the selective destruction of the mollusk in their band name

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