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Mashup Game ShowNew Game Show Mashup TitleCategory to Mash with the Game Show
A single person faces off against a mob of canines, earning money for each dog eliminated.Game show/Disney movie
Contestants 'come on down' to compete for prizes while the too-sexy host does his little turn on the catwalkGame show/musical one-hit-wonder (in the U.S)
Contestants avoid whammies while journalists praise or criticize their choices with impunity Constitutional right/Game show
Costumed children frolic with imaginary monsters while answering questions that will stump an adultChildren's literature/Game show
A bachelorette questions eligible men from warring kingdoms to determine which couple will rule WesterosGame show/TV series or fantasy literature
The Bunkers face off against families from a variety of diverse backgrounds. Surveys says this is a hit show. TV show/Game show
A small town doctor tries to win a job in California by playing tic-tac-toe. Michael J. Fox, for the block.Movie/Game show
Six players compete in challenges to become Top Dog. The losers are hunted down by a mulleted dog-catcher and returned for prize money. Game show/Reality TV show
Sly Stallone and Kurt Russell are framed for murder and must gain their freedom by answering general knowledge questions in an N.Y. taxi.Movie/Game show
A time traveler answers multiple choice questions and uses the proceeds to help people across the universe. No, TARDIS is not a lifeline. British TV show/Game show

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