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Can you name the words described below that were created by adding an 'X' into a smaller word?

Quiz Updated Aug 28, 2012

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Clue for X-less wordWord with XClue for X-word
VisualizesMale and female, e.g.
Collection of laws, rules, and regulationsAn ancient book
To crippleA principle or rule of conduct
Not on timeWhat rubber gloves are made of
What brats get in their holiday stockingThe hip bone or joint
A user of the dark side of the ForceA small ordinal number
It sits atop one's neckA group of six things
An imbecileBetween
A route or course of actionLike the exhibits at Madame Tussaud's
Ending word for prayersLumberjacks
To damage or spoilWriter of The Communist Manifesto
An earthquakePrejudice based on one's gender
People of religious faithThe state of having loose rules
To alter your directionA person who irritates or annoys
EverlastingOn the outside of
A young maleHaving the shape of a rectangular container
Remove the skin of an animalLike fibers in linen cloth
EnemiesVulpine animals
Animal stalked by a predatorSlang for a college head
To inhibit or discourageShowtime TV series about a serial killer
Chamomile, pekoe and green, e.g.A southern US state
A South African of Dutch descentA pugilist or a type of dog
Large primateThe summit
Vietnamese new yearThe body of a book or newspaper
A type of beerThe shaft on which a wheel rotates

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