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Can you name the Can you name the new word that is created when a Z is added into the smaller word??

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Clue for Z-less wordWord with ZClue for Z word
a fan's exclamation of disapprovalrude, obnoxious, or annoying person
automobilesan emperor or king
famous filmmaking brothersto cheat or trick
cronkite, reed, and paytondancers to triple meter music at a moderate tempo
what a chicken does to an eggsomeone averse to working
expectoratewon 7 gold medals in 1972
the Chinese philosophical idea the course of life and its relation to eternal truthStarbucks tea brand
the German term for the city of Viennato shrivel with age
female deerunintentionally fall asleep
a personal assistantthe class of compounds containing three Nitrogen atoms
solicitation in print for a productan axlike tool
an experience that releases you from troubles or expectationsextremely cold

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