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Can you name the new word that is created when a U is added into the smaller word?

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Clue for U-less wordWord with UClue for U word
paper document transmitted via phone linefake
a person who cheers for a teamSatyr
small, polished surface of a gemthe tap
discharge of a gunto yell loudly
to move at a quick, steady pacevarieties incude brown, rainbow, and cutthroat
to do something in a habitual way, from memorya set path for getting from one point to another
a vessel for a plantto thrust out your lips in a sullen manner
the queen is the only colony member with wingsyour mother's brother's wife or your father's sister
Clue for U-less wordWord with UClue for U word
a winged insect similar to a butterflyyour speaking and eating opening
next toto purchase
old time slang for a woman's legan U.S. island territory in the Pacific
the outer layer of cereal grainsGerman maker of electric shavers
to abstain from foodlegend of a man selling his soul to the devil
tissue that makes up the gills, pore tubes, or spines of mushroomsa body wound from sudden, physical injury
a bare, rocky hilla guided trip through a place of interest
small childrento publicize, promote, or praise extravagantly

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