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Can you name the Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood Characters?

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Fact About CharacterCharacter name
Shes a sniper
The family of Mae's Hughes
The Ice Queen
the Idiot Prince's guard dogs
Has an aversion to being called short
the Avaricious? He's quite the ladies man if you ask me...and insists that everything in the world will one day belong to him
Killed inside of Alphonse during the battle with the original Greed and Wrath
the Creator of the homunculi
Controls wickedly cool shadows!!!
The Flame Alchemist and he looks dead a mini skirt.
obsessed with his wife and child
A complete Automail nut!
Used to be a pick pocket from Rush Valley
the doctor who knew the secret of the philosophers stone and how to create it
the jealous?
Fact About CharacterCharacter name
Lives the start of his teenage life as a suit of armor
Xingese girl skilled in Alkahestry
Ishvalan decendant but isn't full blood, Military rank is a Major
Can't keep his shirt on to save his butt
the Fuhrer and Wrath
Ishbalan with a X shaped mark on his face
the idiot Prince
Known as teacher
Hes a major ladies man with a different girlfriend every week. He's paralyzed from the waist down
He thinks everything is a pain...
Has automail more awesome than edward elrics, from Briggs
Accused in Hughes death
the Voracious? Hes also a lovable fatty! That can eat just about anything.
The dad of the two main male characters
the Lacivious?

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