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Description/QuoteName of TV Show
His best friend was always blue. His secret lover is edible.
Football shaped head.
One is smart. The other is dumb. They always try to take over the world.
He rides a tricycle.
Adventurous, talking babies.
Penny. Brain. Dr. Claw.
'The Power is yours'
The main characters were always 'stoned' during the day.
Original Title: 'Steven Spielberg Presents ______ '
'Cowabunga, Dude!'
'This womps!'
Mini scientist with a ballerina sister.
Description/QuoteName of TV Show
The only show where it's possible to make hamburgers underwater.
Creatures who live in balls.
Seaman Sun
The character's favorite restaurant is called 'Chokey Chicken'
3 different versions of the same guy's name.
Sugar, spice and everything nice!
The name of main character is ironic because he is scared of everything.
Every kid wished his teacher was as cool as this frizzy haired character.
Dag and Norb
They were opposites and could never get away from each other.
Not a cartoon but hand's down the best show of the 90's. Cutest couple ever. Idiot brother. Stud best friend. Neighbor teacher.

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