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Outlines the physical geometry in your level
Used on top of CSG to produce complex environments with little processing power, enabling several of these to exist in an area at once
Axis's that reveal the direction of an object, such as the camera, in conjunction to the colors RGB
The most common type of light, used to produce light from a given position in a sphyrical pattern
The global illumination solution handled by SWARM used to simulate realistic static lighting characteristics such as bouncing light and color bleeding in the world without the use
Common tool used to move and adjust location, rotation, and scale of selected objects within the world
Where many of the assets imported into the editor are stored for use in the world or used in conjunction with actors
What designates a surface. Uses a texture and other mathmatic algorithms to produce realistic effects and characterisctics that textures alone cannot produce
A mesh that contains a skeleton made from bones that can be manipulated and animated to produce game assets such as player and enemy meshes, soft bodies, and cloth
A combination of materials and static meshes placed by a heightmap that produce realistic organic outside game environments
Uses the Emissive properties of a static meshes material to produce lighting souces based on the color and brightness of each pixel on the emissive material
Visual scripting tool built into the editor to allow level designers to quickly and easily link up sequence objects to produce scripted sequences in their level
Used to produce multi-component emmiters for placing into a level and previewing in real-time
Used to combine movement, triggering, and modifying of actors in the game at real-time. Can be used to build cutscenes with moving cameras, moving objects such as elevators and doo
Quick and easy solution to trees, bushes, and other medium to lage-sized plants that allow all animation and behavior to rely specifically on the tree parts used in the plants you
Information saved after a lighting build to designate brighter areas or shadowed areas on a surface, along with the color that the light projects on each individual surface

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