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What are the names of both band members?
What year did the band form?
Where are the band from?
How does one member of the band describe their overall sound
What is the name of one half of the band's musical side project?
What exact date was the first demo, 'badly poured beer' released?
How many demos have been officially made?
Which demo cover features a close up of a band member's pubic hair?
Which rapper inspired tracks on demo26: we'll steal your vaporwave, we'll steal your aesthetic, we'll steal your graze snacks?
Which lyricist features prominently on demo16: post-oxford supplicated decline?
What does 'MOGM' stand for?
Which hip-hop album covers are embedded in the artwork for demos 17 and 53?
Who is the subject of 'Churchfall'?
What was the first demo to be released in 2015?
Where does demo71: maya take place?
What royal figure arrives at SOAS university on demo73?
QuestionAnswermore info
Where do the gang go on demo40: london days
Where was demo49: TOTAL APPROPRIATION recorded?
Who do untitled band co-sign on demo61: moving into the future?
Which name was dismissed as a title for demo26 because it 'sounded boring'?
Where was the warehouse party the band attended before the recording of 2017's demo67: like who what where? who what where where where? (exact address or road name needed)
How much did the band owe Joel?
Which cover features a band member's arsecrack?
What was being pined for on demo20?
Which musician does Jamie compare the band's sound to on 'Fish 4 Pencil Case', from demo70: **** white girls?
What time of day was topical on demo11?
Which female features on the cover of demo25: epicene vainglory?
What will douse the bright future?
What dealer did one band member pick up from on demo7: zoots that will make the future bright?
How many inches was the zoot on demo15: reverse in birth?
What kind of experience, described on 'demo24: and so we lean back...' are we weary from?
What is [answer to Q5]'s most played song on Soundcloud?

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