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Can you name the Most Famous Songs over 8 Minutes?

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An elevator would be faster8:02
Red white and blue dessert8:36
Lighter time!9:07
Fool me once...8:32
Welcome back my friends to the song that never ends29:41
We have assumed control. We have assumed control. We have assumed control.20:38
How can a butterfly fly with metal wings?17:05
Orwell's Animal Farm in concept album form17:07
It starts with X11:07
Not quite december snow8:57
Alliterative song by the other famous Billy8:24
Ironically straightforward for YES (being only 9 minutes)8:32
Its hard to see Rainbows when the stars are out8:31
Better than being uncomfortably pained9:29 (live)
'I really don't mind if you sit this one out'43:36
Coleridge poem turned 13 minute epic13:35
Very talkative talk box13:45 (live)
No one should escape justice9:46
Nikki kills the priest and rescues Mary10:40

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