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The team was named after a packing company
The team originally played at the Polo Grounds so the owner named the team after the baseball team that played there
Previous teams in this city had this name
Weeb Ewbank gave the name because of LaGuardia Airport
This name come from early Greek mythology and the fact that Nashville is known as the ‘Athens of the South’ makes the this name very appropriate
This team's name referred to its Wild West heritage
A group of sports writers picked this name as a tribute to Patriot Day
The franchise was given to this city on All Saints Day
The team was given the name of a feline because felines were prevalent in this city
The city held a contest
This name came from the nickname of Fordham University
A series of focus groups were formed to help come up with a nickname for the team.
The management for the city opted for this name
Charles Evans submitted this name in a contest because Maryland was famous for its race horses
when the team secured some hand-me-down jerseys from the University of Chicago. Since the uniform color had faded the owner said the color looked like a cardinal tint
The name denoted the city’s link to the sea
A contest was held to determine the name
The name was picked because it was dynamic, the club’s new stationary featured a horse, and owner Baron Hilton had recently instituted the Carte Blanche card,
The team's original name was the Braves, but the Braves moved to Fenway Park and changed their name to their current one
Julia Elliot picked this bird for the name because it is proud and dignified, with great courage to fight.
This team was named after the its first coach
The name represent both an aggressive person and the Nordic tradition inherent in the region
Name was chosen because of the California gold rush
The owner gave the team this name in honor of the symbol of the New Deal’s National Recovery Act
This team's name is associated with the Chicago Cubs because they used to play at the same stadium
Original suggestion was the Rangers, but it might have caused some confusion with a local minor league team. So the organization decided on another name.
A radio-sponsored competiton was held
The football team held a contest to select a new nickname. The nickname refers to William F. Cody
This name reflected the city's ties to the steel industry
The name refers to the mythical bird in one of Edgar Allen Poe's poems. Poe lived and died in this city
The nickname for the team was selected by team president Mark Richardson
The team name honored the nickname of the mayor of the city

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