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This state's close proximity to several large bays
Recognizes the state's vast wealth and variety of resources
Refers to the state's official tree
There are many of these types of trees in this state
The International Peace Garden straddles the boundary between this state and Manitoba, Canada
The nickname celebrates the state's most popular land feature
This state came into the Union in 1876, 100 years after the United States became a country
Gold Rush of 1848
This is one of the most popular words said in this state
This state's nickname is a Shoshone word meaning Gem of the Mountains
This state got its nickname because in each of its major battles a flag with this object was raised
People went into this state early to claim land
L'Etoile du Nord
The nickname was originally placed on this state's license plates
The state's nickname comes from architecture
Granite is the traditional rock of this state
The nickname was given to this state by the General Assembly in 1959
Charles II added this state to his dominions of France
The 3rd week of September is known as Prarie Week in this state
The nickname celebrates the world's greatest mountain carvng
This state has large silver mine industries
Refers to the importance of mining in this state
This state has opportunites and many lightly settled regions
This state has an abundance of evergreen forests
Inhabitants of this state refer to the nickname as a symbol to industry and the pioneer virtues of thrift and perseverance
The nickname was chosen because it had been put onto state license plates and it promotes tourism
The state describes the wild flowers of this state
This state borders 4 of the 5 Great Lakes
The nickname refers to this state's natural beauty,clear lakes and streams,and abundance of wildlife
Abraham Browning gave the nickname to this state on August 24th,1876
This state is home to over 17 million acres of forests
This nickname is used to promote tourism
The nickname was given by George Washington because this state's troops fought in many Revolutionary Battles
The Appalachian Mountains pass through this state
This animal has been associated with this state since its territorial days
The nickname actually comes from the nickname of this state's main university
This state was the first to allow women to vote,serve on juries,and hold public offices
This animal is the state's official animal
Describes Willard Van Diver's stubbornness and devotion to simple common sense
The nickname was given to Confederate Soldiers from this state who fought in the Civil War
This was the first state to ratify the Constitution and join the Union
Rev. Dr. Peters gave the state its nickname in 1761
Describes how there was no tar left after a war this state fought in and how that tar would then stuck to the soldiers' heels
The nickname is derived from a poem written by John Finley.Then John W. Davis offered a toast of having this state's nickname to be the title of Finley's poem
The growers of this state have a reputation for producing the highest quality fruit
It's a tribute to indian leader Chief Black Hawk
Abundance of magnolia trees
Soldiers from this state volunteered to fight for Gen. Andrew Jackson during the war of 1812
The nickname is a tribute to this state's official state animal,the Brown Pelican
Traders began asking for the seed of the 'bluegrass'

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