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AWhat you chop a tree with or getting things done, like chopping a tree
BAn art period or what the wind did
CVirginal or quickly follow
DFeeling sick about or talked about
ETo come to deserve or a jar
FEnemy or fake
GA mistake or a barbed spear
HTo carry or a large room
IKeen understanding or to provoke
JPrecious Stone or unit of energy
KNegation or to possess the answer
LA type of onion or accidental loss of liquid
MMake fun of or speed of sound
NBelly Button or ship
OEarth rich in metals or boat propulsion tool
PA thick, adhesive glue or to have taken multiple steps forward and backward
QMultiple groups of five or small round fruit
RWhat Santa uses to guide the sleigh or snow falling as liquid
STo take hold of (Carpe Diem) or The Seven Salty waters
TGovernmental tithe or small nails
UMultiple female sheep or to utilize equipment
VBlood vessel or worthless
WBlue, humpback, killer or a cry
XSomeone who used to play baseball in Tampa Bay or a look at your bones
YOxen harness or egg yellow
Z26th letter of the alphabet or the formal for 'you' in German

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