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Forced Order
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Who gave Kate Argent the plans to burn down the Hale house?
Who did Peter Hale kill to get the alpha powers?
Who did Dr. Deaton say he loved?
Who is Lydia's anchor?
When is a door not a door?
Who has ADHD?
In season 1, what injury did Scott inflict on Jackson accidently?
Where did Jackson move to?
Where did Isaac move to?
What kind of kitsune is Kira
Who is the first character to ever be named in the show?
Stiles's real name is of what ethnicity?
How did Claudia Stilinski die?
How does Sebastien Valet know The Surgeon?
What does Theo Raeken do to his father?
Is Jackson immune to kanima venom?
Chris Argent said his dad did what to his dog?
Who originally 'created' the nogitsune?
Kira Yukimura is half Japanese and half.....
Who's parents are divorsed?
Who were the guardians the darach was going to sacrifice?
What was the name of the first ever episode?
Who did Stiles think the kanima master was before there was any evidence of any kind?
Who made Deucalion blind?
Why does Allison become a hunter in season 2?
Why does Victoria Argent kill herself?
What is the name of the group of hunters who live in Mexico?
What movie franchise has Scott never seen?
Which twin died?
Jennifer Blake was who's emmisary?
As of season 5b, is Deucalion blind?
Which chimeras do Theo bring back to life?
Which Argent did Derek Hale date?
What three things cannot long remain hidden?
Question 34 is a saying from what religion?
Who is a Buddhist alpha?
Who has IED?
Which bathroom does Malia shower in while in Eichen House?
Who is Malia's birth mother?
Where is the book about the dread doctors found?
How does Scott separate Stiles and the Nogistune?
Eichen House used to be a....
Who killed Noshiko's secret boyfriend during World War II?
Why did Lydia turn into a banshee instead of a werewolf?
Lorraine Martin was a.....
What is Scott's dad?
Who killed Lorraine Martin?
What does Druid mean?
What is Beacon Hills High School's mascot?
Who killed Dr. Valack?

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