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Who said this quote from the show NCIS?
Remove your hand or I'll rip your arm off and beat you to death with it.
Whats a matter Chip, don't like watchin porn with me? Sorry I'm not one of the guys, but I'm doin the best I can!!!
Nope, don't use cologne. Women I date think the smell of sawdust is sexy. That's probably why I don't... date many women.
Ok. Stop right there. If this is about my Twitter page, I just want to clarify - I'd had a couple of cocktails and what can I say? Sometimes I get a little chatty.
That's funny. I thought he fell to Earth in a capsule after his home planet exploded.
I got the phones, but they wouldn't trust me with the weapons.
We break into Gibbs' basement and we set his boat on fire.
If he is an assassin, he's a lousy one. He used his body as a weapon and missed his target by seventy-five feet.
Though it is common knowledge that I do talk to the dead, to date none of them have answered back.

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