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Definition 1WordDefinition 2
To changeFeeling or emotion
Another choiceTo switch back and forth
CharacteristicTo give to, to ascribe
Plural for a bladed weaponPlural for a straight (imaginary) line
A stringed instrumentA fish
To incline the head in greetingA weapon that shoots
To shutNearby
To restartDocument of professional experience
To quitTo sign again
To ripA drop of clear liquid emitted from the eye
A pigTo plant seed
Entertaining or relaxing pastimeSomething that is remade
TaskTo show a movie, to forecast
Definition 1WordDefinition 2
A giftTo introduce
FlawlessTo make flawless
Not excessive or extremeTo oversee, to preside over
A metallic elementTo guide
Building that serves as living quartersTo provide living quarters
A birdJumped off of
Someone who is sick or disabledNot necessarily true, incorrect
A compartment opened by pulling outAn artist possibly
A competitionTo dispute
A threshing machineTo put together
To injureCoiled up
PurposeAlcoholic drink

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