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SentenceHidden Country
Vladimir and Olga are going tonight.
The iron pipe rusted through so replace it please.
We hung the frame in such a dumb place.
We can go eat lunch in a restaurant or at the new place in the city.
Indoganja, Pancho, and Czeist are places in my mind.
That new boy in our class speaks in dialect and it is very difficult for anyone to understand the way he speaks.
The very fine pale wall is so boring so we added the rust color to spruce it up.
Can a darling little girl be so cute and adorable at the same time I asked.
Give the dog a bone and see what he will do next as he chews it up on the sofa.
The vespa in the city was so quiet that we barely detected any sound at all in the middle of the night.
When will Fran certainly tell her friend Russell that she is no longer interested in going to Florida.
Fear, hatred, and anger many see as purely evil and therfore will no longer invite them into their homes on the eve of Sunday.
There are six people on the new city bus and Angus and Dorothy are not sitting next to James.
SentenceHidden Country
The animal talks to Simon every time he gets the chance, but the metal cage enhances the conversation.
There are twenty ways that Harold and Diane agree, certainly theyndisagree in some way don't they?
Those are the ten cars we dented on the eve of your birthday party at the lake and on that Monday night.
The guitar man said in order to help an amateur, he would need new strings and new music sheets for his time and training this month.
He will be nine this month and his mother will be the ripe old age of forty-five tomorrow, does that make sense he asked.
Traveling to the beach a day will cure any illness and keep the doctor away so Mary reported on her newspaper article yesterday.
At the zoo, we saw the new cub and calf that were born last year on this day in April, Dominic said.
The kimono mannequin was taller that the one wearing the baseball uniform, Sally stated to Bethany.
We have to go the store on Tuesday because we have no more bread to feed the birds at Lands End Park, stated the boy to his mother.
This afternoon at lunch I learned that the report I gave to Mr. Bogata was missing some key facts that he needed to complete the transfer to the buyer.
The twins Darcy and Marcy can go later if they want to but there may not be any more room on the bus or at the hotel tomorrow.
At the new fast food chain Taco Star, I can see if they are hiring and probably get a job with all the good qualities I can offer to the company.

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