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Can you name the American cities by sounding out the clues?

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CluesAmerican City
Price or cost + New Yorks basketball team =
Color or shade + knock unconscious, shock =
A city on the water + Not water=
Letter following N + Slang for Mother + Sound made to express surprise or laughter =
Belongs to me + A form of 'to be' + Refering to myself =
A type of wood + Not water =
Part of the foot + A Confederate general+a female deer
An offense against religious or moral law X 2 + Expressing location, place, or position + object from which a golf ball is struck from =
Not old; recent + Move with a curved trajectory =
To polish; make shiny + First letter + Not high =
CluesAmerican City
A mineral that contains metal + To bring a plane to the ground + Universal blood donor type =
Inverse of 'or' function + People in general; members in one's household =
Angry + To disrespect + Parents' boy =
Young lads + The ocean =
Small + Stone =
Not me + A segment of DNA =
To express in words + Branch =
Coiled metal + Cleared land =
Spherical toy + Chemical symbol for titanium + Greater in size or amount =
Place to grind grain + Abbreviation for Pacific NW state + Opens locks =

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