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Get ready for Sass.4th Periodwoot.
Anna always asks about alpacas and applesauce.
All Clemson fans have no friends.
The feelings you grapple with when Mr. Mulhall calls on you and you don't know the answer.
My mahm made me drink melk yesterday instead of pop.
Nick's love for Purva is like a blossoming rosebud.
This is what you had while writing your HoD essay, when you reminisced about your earlier years before having to write HoD essays.
Clay is the ___ to Matt Rader's presidential genius.
That time you didn't know a single answer upon glancing at the entire first page of the Heart of Darkness test, it was _________ your failure.
Anna saying, 'I TOTALLY failed that test.' (And receiving an A-)
The depths of Daniel's sparking green eyes were like stalks of celery in a field. (THIS IS A DOUBLE CHALLENGE!)
Get ready for Sass.4th Periodwoot.
This is a common theme in Jojo's life, seen in examples such as the time that she was finally permitted by Mr. Mulhall to type for Sporcle the same day that she had. Some may say,
Christian sitting next to Dylan
Our AP English grades were falling teardrops cascading down Mr. Mulhall's cheeks, forming puddles of disappointment and depression upon his grade book.
Noticing Tyler's fatigued and detached gaze, Mr. Muhall shouted loudly, 'Wake up Tyler! You're like the living dead!'
Although in English class Jojo tries her best to refrain from making unnecessary comments and bringing joy to those around her, she never quite got a handle on ___.
While Daniel most certainly does care about the noble works of Shakespeare, from time to time he can't resist a good ______, especially if it involves Sa-sa-salami.
Dana asking 'So you know that moment where your life flashes before your eyes when you die,' was probably intended to be this, if not for Mr. Mulhall's good-natured reply of 'No.'
Brave New World. (How's that for a scholarly hint?)
Our entire class' grades after taking the Heart of Darkness Objective Test.
Alex may, on occasion, find himself in a position of being tapped lightly by Marielle.

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