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True or False: Friedrich E-bert Died Before His Term as Reichspresident Was Finished.
True or False: Dr. Wilhelm Marx Was a Member of the Socialist Party.
True or False: The Rhineland Pact was between France, Great Britain, the USA, Italy, and Belgium.
True or False: The Locarno Treaties were signed on January 3, 1926.
True or False: The Treaty of Berlin Made Both the Soviet Union and Germany Stay Neutral if Either is Attacked by a 3rd Party.
True or False: Germany Joined the League of Nations on September 10, 1926.
True or False: Adolf Hitler's Speaking Ban Was Lifted on the Term That His First Speech Was Not in Berlin.
True or False: The Kellogg-Briand Pact Stated That All Signatory Members Would Not Use War to Solve Any Disputes or Confllicts.
True or False: The Young Plan Was Set to Last Until 1990.
True or False: Gustav Stresemann Was the Foreign Minister of Germany When He Died in 1929.
True or False: The Great Depression Began on 26th October 1929, With the 'Black Thursday' Stock Market Crash.
True or False: The First Emergency Decree by the Reichspresident Was Given When Communists Took Over Berlin in 1930.
True or False: In the September 1930 Elections, the NSDAP Became the 2nd Largest Party Behind the SPD.
True or False: Hitler Lost the 1932 Presidential Election With 36.8% of the Vote.
True or False: The Nazis Actually Began to Lose Votes in the November 1932 Election.
True or False: Adolf Hitler Became Chancellor on the 31st January 1933.
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