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Are These Facts About Weimar Germany from 1918-24 True or False?

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True or False: The Weimar Republic Was Formed as Part of the Treaty of Versailles.
True or False: Philip Scheidemann Was the First President of the Weimar Republic.
True or False: Germany Had to Pay 132 Billion Gold Marks as Reparations.
True or False: The KPD (Communist Party) Existed Since the Start of the Weimar Republic
True or False: Bavaria Declared an Independent Soviet Republic in 1919 that Lasted For One Day.
True or False: Adolf Hitler Was a Founding Member of the DAP (German Worker's Party).
True or False: The Kapp Putsch Lasted Longer Than the Beer Hall Putsch.
True or False: Upper Silesia Voted to Remain Part of Germany in 1921.
True or False: Adolf Hitler Became Leader of the NSDAP (Nazi Party) in July 1921.
True or False: Hyperinflation of the German Mark Began in 1922.
True or False: 1923 to 1928 Were the 'Golden Years' of the Weimar Republic
True or False: Gustav Stresemann Served the Shortest Term in Office out of Any Weimar Chancellor
True or False: When the Papiermark Was Replaced by the Rentenmark, it was Worth Less Than 4 Billionths of a US Dollar.
True or False: Hitler Was Sentenced To 10 Months in Prison as a Result of the Munich Putsch.
True or False: The Dawes Plan Made British Troops Withdraw From the Ruhr.
True or False: Hitler Was Imprisoned in the Landsberg Prison.
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