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True or False: Hitler Blamed the Reichstag Fire On the Communists
True or False: The First Concentration Camp Was at Bonn.
True or False: The Enabling Bill Had to be Renewed Every Year.
True or False: The Gestapo Were Hitler's Personal Bodyguard.
True or False: Ernst Röhm Survived the Night of the Long Knives.
True or False: SA Means Sturmabteilung.
True or False: President Hindenburg Died on the 2nd August, 1934.
True or False: The Anglo-German Naval Agreement Allowed Germany to Have a Navy 40% of the Size of Britain's Navy.
True or False: The Nuremberg Laws Forbade Jews to Fly the Reich Flag.
True or False: The Rhineland was Remilitarised on the 7th March, 1936.
True or False: Germany and Japan Formed the Anti-Comintern Pact.
True or False: The Maginot Line Extended Along the Entire Franco-German Border.
True or False: Adolf Hitler Replaced Hjalmar Schacht as Commander of the German Army.
True or False: German Troops Marched Into Austria, And Austria Was Declared Part of the German Reich Only Two Days Later.
True or False: Francisco Franco Signed the Anti-Comintern Pact on 7th April, 1938.
True or False: Germany Occupied Czechoslovakia on October 1st, 1938.
True or False: Crystal Night, or Kristallnacht, Was Against Communists and Jews.
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